Praise be to the LORD for Jesus our ICHTHUS!!!

Greetings, today’s Easter essential comes from Saint Augustine of the fourth century. In his book, the City of God, writes, “Of these five Greek words (Iesous, Christos, Theou, Uios, Soter), should you group together the letters, you would form the word ichthus, fish, the mystical name of Jesus the Christ who, in the abyss of our mortality, as though in the depths of the sea, was able to remain alive, that is, free from sin.”

This quote shows us that in the early church it was not uncommon for Jesus Christ to be described as a fish…an ICHTHUS (Greek for fish). With this portrayal of Jesus Christ, he then shows us that Christ is like a fish who lived where we are, in the abyss of mortality. Moreover, in the depths of the sea, he was able to not give way to sin. Rather, he remained alive, which is to say Jesus’ relationship to God was unhindered and without obstacle for His life to live and share with us. Indeed, Jesus Christ is free from sin though inhabited the toxic environment of sinners.

Today’s activity in relation to Augustine’s teaching is for us to praise and prayer. Find three ways to praise God for His Son coming to our world, vile and polluted as it is, but yet still coming and inhabiting it out of love. Also offer a prayer unto the Lord for His Son, our church brothers and sisters and the world in light of today’s reflection. Shalom.

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