Beyond Q & A

Life has some big questions: what is the meaning of life? Who am I? How do I know I am doing the thing I am supposed to do? Where do I go when I die? These are questions that pop up on forums and bookshelves alike. It’s a human insatiability to want to know these questions. Higher learning academia focuses on central questions to offer answers for in the name of education. There is value to pursuing these questions, it’s just not the primary one.

A question and answer approach to living life is a slippery slope to find oneself on. In the Bible, the Scriptures don’t come off like a large Q & A session. Rather, it is a narrative cadenced with divine-human interaction and encounter. God is not on the margins of the Scriptures which is also to say, nor is He on the periphery of our world. To be sure, there are questions asked but they are in the realm of relationship. More specifically, the Scriptures key in on our relationship with God and God’s relationship with us. It is not the heady rationality of questions (many of which cannot be agreed on nor figured out) but the relational world of God and people and non-human creation. This is the scope to keep primary.

We need to go beyond a Q & A style living because we are made to relate with first God, then people and the rest of all that God has created visible and invisible. We are made to relate with each other. We bear the image of God. This makes us social beings who are made to live, rub shoulders, converse with one another. The problem of gaining answers to questions is that we can conceptually live life devoid of any interaction with another living presence. We get the answer and we move on until the next question needs to be processed. A desired outcome we want to aim for is to be met by God in the Bible which is His story that He shares with us and whereby we find ourselves in it. By stepping into the world of the Word of God, we are encompassed by the mystery of divine persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are drawn into relationship with this one God, who is love and now find ourselves in a life story far greater than our own.

Be part of a community characterized by the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. Meet regularly, learn to love by caring for one another. Participate in life together as the Scriptures are open; keep your heart in tune, expecting God to speak with all who come. We need a church where we have our lives exposed by God’s word and are cherished and loved and valued as God’s people. Dive into the heart of God with His people and be discovered in a realm of grace. Amen.

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