Easter Essentials

This Easter brings us back to the first Easter when the disciples were huddled for fear that what the Jewish leadership did to Jesus would also happen to them as well! The eleven disciples were in a locked room, in self-isolation. And then Jesus Christ shows up in their midst, risen from the dead! Sounds like Easter to me!

Given that in this generation, we have not experienced in Canada something of this magnitude (COVID-19), we need resources. I have made it an aim of mine to want to provide a daily online resource for people to practice the Easter Essentials. This week is the theme of Easter peace. Without question this is an Easter essential for us. It begins with peace from God as His gift to us, never a human achievement. Easter is not of our own doing, solely of the grace of God.

Easter is not only a day but a season as well. Easter essentials will be a journey from Easter Sunday to Pentecost. This is a period of 50 days. We will have one each day to deepen our walk with our risen Lord Jesus. You are encouraged to participate in this daily devotional and find resources to counter all the negativity that causes unbelief and embrace our identity as Christians who are forgiven and free.

Join us for this journey! Shalom! Ian.

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