Getting Hope on the Inside

Greetings for another edition of Easter Essentials: from Resurrection to Pentecost. Today we focus on a quote that continues our theme this week of hope. This quote has a few caveats to be forewarned of. One of which being that hope is not a matter of waiting…in some sense though it is a matter of waiting for what is unseen. Secondly, hope is not about getting better inside simply. Hope is about newness not self-improvement. Notwithstanding, this quote offers us an essential of not loitering when seeing things happening around us. The solution is to attend to our inward lives and cast out the doubt, pride, envy, bitterness, greed and lust. To face ourselves and the future with the hope of newness given to us by the Spirit in Christ is what makes Easter hope essential. Because He lives, we also shall live! Shalom.

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