I AM the Door

Good evening beloved! Tonight’s Easter Essentials: from Resurrection to Pentecost comes from Methodist devotional writer, Oswald Chambers. His devotional, My Utmost for His Highest is beloved by many Christians in our time. The first part of the teaching shows that Jesus Christ entered into heaven. This is our affirmation of our Christian Faith. Now with this comes Chambers insight for us…the ascension of our Lord has to do with all human beings. This shows the grace of our Lord Jesus that offers hope of salvation. Consider why the door is open…it is for people to come to God. But the grace of God pursues us by His Spirit by being sent to bring the lost sons and daughters of Adam back where we belong. Tonight, before you sleep, call on the Lord and ask of Him for people who need Him most. Name them, offer them to the Lord and let His will be done. Shalom.

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