Is your life little or big?

Good day! Easter Essentials for Thursday May 28, 2020. Today’s quote acknowledges that struggles and sorrows happen. But this is not where our life gains its traction. We are not to be mired in the constant sadness of things; that makes our lives petty. Receive what our God gives us, namely His very self that is Love. This makes for a big life that is filled with joy. The big life is the life you’ve always wanted that is already yours. Receive it today from the eternal hands of the Lord God Himself. The big life is rooted in joys that cause us to live self-forgetfully and able to not only receive from God what He has for us but pass it on! A big life makes room for others. Big life equals big heart. Our big life is God’s own life shared with us in Christ. When our pain and pressures that make our lives little gives way to the enthusiastic joy of living in God, then it becomes an occasion for witnessing Easter Joy on full display.

The difference between a little life or a big one is founded on whether you have the joy that comes from God. Don’t build your life on passing pressures, but on the eternal love of God. Shalom.

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