Joy, Joy, Sweet Joy!

Joy, joy, joy! Welcome to another Easter Essentials for Tuesday May 26, 2020. Our quote today comes from early 20th century Jesuit philosopher Pierre de Chardin. Infallible means flawless or perfect or even guaranteed. Living in our world today, we seem to have little that can be followed through when speaking of guarantees. But with God there are guarantees. There are unfailing, reliable, dependable promises that our Lord is with us. The chief one that de Chardin points us to is joy. This is the a guarantee that God’s presence is among us. God will not cheat you. His delight is in sharing His life with us. Joy is the constancy that is entirely dependent on what God has done and is doing for us. We are recipients. God blesses His children with joy, joy joy! Bathe in the light of God’s presence by enjoying Him. Thank Him for what He has done for us. Bless His name in word, thought, song and deed today. May your joy grow and grow today and forevermore! Shalom!

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