Minnows in the waters…

Greetings beloved! Today’s Easter essential for May 12, 2020. Our quote comes from 3rd century African apologist of the Christian faith, Tertullian. Here we have an early reference to Jesus Christ being described as our ICHTHUS. Jesus Christ is the name of our Lord. It will forever be joined together, uniting our God with our salvation. This quotation is referring to our baptism, that is why we are referred to as little fishes. This is a tender, endearing and humble image of the church. We are not mighty whales, but little fishes. Swim in the waters of baptism. Remember when you were baptized. This is a visible evidence of the grace of God. Consider the following questions: (1) Where were you baptized? (2) Who baptized you? (3) Did you have baptism classes? (4) Were you baptized with others? They are people who journeyed with you through baptism classes and up to that moment and may be in the same church community as you. Pray for them that they may be faithful to our Lord on the journey too. Shalom.

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