Put it to Rest!

Good day beloved in the Lord! Fourth century Christian, Augustine of Hippo in northern Africa offers us an Easter Moment for the taking. Our restlessness is symptomatic of our spiritual condition. We long for rest, for peace, for nestling in the bosom of God. But we strive, we wrestle, we waste away. What will come of all this? It is to pray without denial, that we need God. These words are a truthful confession to the Lord of our lives. Indeed the LORD has made us for Himself. Our hearts seeks to be in union with God. Here is the good news…it’s already happened. God sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to come and rectify all that went hell bound and wayward. In other words, the work is already done. All that’s left is for us to put our trust in Him. Act as God has procured everything for our sakes. Do you believe this? Do you trust that God has done everything needed for our union with Christ to be achieved? By faith you shall obtain to this reality. Bid restlessness to cease and fears vanquish. Shalom.

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