Thy Will be Done

55 Famous quotes and sayings by C.S. Lewis

Easter Essentials come to this…here we are on Saturday May 30, 2020. This is our last installment of Easter Essentials: From Resurrection to Pentecost. Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday. Let us end on a good note. C.S. Lewis is where our last quote ends. This is the end. There are only two kinds of people. There is not a third one, only two. Either-or is how it all shapes up in the end. Which one are you? We all have a relationship with God. The words “Thy will be done” are the words heard in the end. But the question is who is saying it to who? Are we saying to God for His will to be done as we pray in our Lord’s Prayer? Or does God say, “Thy will be done.” Lewis says that the for God to say it to a person is to be in hell because of one’s own choice. But I am persuaded of you, Fuller Life, this is not you. We are those who seriously and constantly desire joy and because of that, we do not miss it. It’s been 49 says since Easter Sunday. Joy is the end of our life with God. Start the way we began and end where we start, in joy! May the Triune God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit grant us a people unending joy out of a single-minded desire for His will to be our passion. Do not live without choice, that is our choice. But to live in joy is divine! Church, we are granted access to our Lord in heaven through prayer. He will answer, call out to Him, cry out to Him and hunger and thirst for His will to be done here on the earth and we shall see God’s kingdom come in it’s fullness. The Lord bless you and may we walk together with Him into eternity. Shalom.

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