True Joy

Good day everyone! Easter Essentials continues with the theme of Easter Joy. Contemporary pastor Charles Swindoll gives us perspective of what true joy looks like. Swindoll mentions true joy as opposed to a counterfeit joy that masks itself in earthly happiness over having the wind at our backs. This has a decidedly me-centred focus. As Christian’s though, true joy brings enthusiasm for life. There is wonder over what God is doing and that He is doing all things well. Secondly, true joy has a determination to hang in there. True joy solidifies commitment. As a church, our joy will make us strong in the face of challenging circumstances. Joy resolves to never give up on the things that are good and true and pure. Lastly, true joy shows a desire for encouraging others. Joy knows that hardships may come but we can pay others on the back and give truthful responses with a smile on our face. Encourage others often because we don’t always know how people are doing on the inside. Offer cheer & smile always 😁 Shalom.

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