Up Close and Personal

Greetings beloved in the Lord! Easter essentials: from Resurrection to Pentecost continues this week with the theme of Easter Moments. This is for Monday May 18, 2020.

Jesus’ risen body goes through locked doors. He is able to appear and disappear at will. For us as His disciples, we find comfort in knowing that distance is not keeping our Lord from remaining present with us. He is near to all who call on Him with a pure heart (2 Tim. 2:22). Our Easter moment happens upon the Lord making Himself real to us. This happens through the Scriptures. Search for Christ in the Scriptures and there you will find He is close to you (John 5:39). Pray for understanding, pray for revelation, pray for opened eyes and ears to this heavenly world that is close. Our Lord reigns and your Easter moment is awaiting its unfolding…

Read slowly John 20:19-31 and then re-read it. Pay attention to Christ and His movement of grace to His own. Cleave to Him and seek His power and anointing. He will manifest Himself to us. Shalom.

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