Where My Easter Hope Rests

Where does my hope rest? Today’s Easter essential: Resurrection to Pentecost for April 30, 2020. St. Bernard of Clairvaux is a 12th century French Monk. The first line of this quote sounds despairing…to be a sinner who is under the headship of Adam is to be without hope and lost. But in this same sentence we learn we are made just by being washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. This is where our hope finds its justice to no longer be tyrannized being under Adam because God has seen to it that we would be brought under another head, who is Jesus Christ. Our hope is here! We are no longer under the penalty of our sins, for Christ has washed us clean. This quote may have been fine and well had it ended here…but it did not! Bernard goes further to say that we are made just not by Christ’s words and example. Christ exemplary life is not what makes us just with God. To look at Christ and then say, “Hey, thanks for salvation, now let me try to do what you did!” is to no longer live where the power abides. Shalom.

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